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    Kaylee didn't really want to do the live show, but her friend was insistent, and by the time it ended, she was happy to have her first anal sex at the hands of another woman!

    Warning: This book contains very explicit descriptions of lesbian sex in public and includes first anal sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.

    Here is a preview:

    "You want to shove a dildo up my ass, which has never been done before, not to mention the fact you will do it in front of a group of strangers!"

    "Fuck, just close your eyes then!"

    "How about I ram it up your ass?"

    "I would be all for it, but it's been done before. They want to watch a first time. The money is too good to pass up. Your car, hell your fucking house will be paid off! My tits will be paid for and we both will have plenty of play cash. Don't fuck this up!"

    "I won't. I need the money, and that is the only reason why I am doing this. I don't know any of these guys do I?"

    "Nope, they are all Chinese or something, Max set it up."

    "Good old Max, always the pervert."

    "Hey, granted he is, but he loves us and just wants to help."

    "The only thing he wants to help is his own pockets. That and getting off."

    "Don't let his weight fool you; he is amazing in the sack."

    "You fucked him? Dee, please tell me you didn't?"

    "Yes I did, a few times. I needed to relieve stress, and that man knows how to eat pussy! He does this thing with his tongue and that's all she wrote."

    "If you plan to continue with this horror story, I need another shot."

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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