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Kate's Revenge Movie

MFM Threesome Sex with Strangers
Autor: Ellie North
Sprecher: Rebecca Blue
Spieldauer: 26 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Kate has only ever been with her husband, and she thought the feeling was mutual. Lately he's been distant, working on his dream of breaking into the film industry, but she put up with it because it felt like the right thing to do. What she discovers is that Gary has been with other women - most recently a prostitute named Harmony...on their couch.

Kate's best friend, Sharon, takes matters into her own hands, sweeping her off to a girls' night in her sexiest black dress. Once out, Kate attracts the attention of two sexy strangers at the bar. What follows is a night that the three of them won't forget - and that her husband will wish he could.

©2016 Digismith Press (P)2016 Digismith Naughty Nightingale Erotica Publishing


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