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  • Kama Sutra

  • The Ancient Art of Love, a Beginner’s Guide Step by Step Guide with Sex Positions for Couples for Good Sex with Secret Tips for Men and Women
  • Geschrieben von: Maggie King
  • Gesprochen von: Diedra Eby
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 48 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Erotik, Sexpraktiken

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    Have you noticed that the fire of passion between you and your partner isn’t what it once was?

    Do you want to improve your intimate relationship and your sex life? Would you like to make spicier your private relationship with the partner?

    So this audiobook is for you!

    Kama Sutra, is known in the West as a sex manual. The Sanskrit title translates in English as “The Treatise on Pleasure”. The pleasure referred to goes beyond the sexual, encompassing all of human life. The compilation of Vedic teachings and advice represented by the Kama Sutra amounts to a guide to getting the most out of life by being fully present to all it offers us - including sex.

    Your love has a purpose : To keep alight the flame of love which enlivens the universe.

    By re-igniting the flame of passion in your own relationship, you and your lover become partners in the cosmic work of growing the love that illuminates all life. Together, you become one with the reason at the heart of the cosmos and the love that binds all together.

    Here’s is what you’ll learn in this book:

    • The secrets behind the Kama Sutra
    • The strategies of the actual Kama Sutra
    • The Kama Sutra and how to use it
    • How to prepare your body
    • How you can heighten your senses
    • Seven different sections of Kama Sutra
    • Where to find your tantric hot spots
    • The twelve types of embraces
    • And much more...

    Explore a New World of Pleasure, Passion, and Intimacy!

    If you think that what the book offers to you corresponds to what you search to improve your your wellness and your happiness, start now and enjoy the book by clicking on the button "Buy Now"!

    Grab your audiobook today!

    ©2020 Maggie King (P)2020 Maggie King

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