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In book one, retired police lieutenant Don Wood stumbles upon a new form of communications he calls ParaCW while tinkering around in his ham radio shack. Word of it gets out which draws the interest of the FCC and, eventually, the FBI.

After a second and then a third visit from these two government agencies, all seems to go well until one of the Wood's Doberman Pinscher's makes his way out of the house and heads towards FCC Agent Larry Turner. The agent panics and pulls a gun from under his jacket then shoots and kills their dog, which leaves the Woods devastated.

As book one closes, Don receives a phone call from the other visiting FCC Agent, Sean Carrick, who now believes the government is overreaching its authority. In the past, FBI Agent Watkins would keep his longtime friend FCC Agent Carrick in the loop on cases they worked together. This time, nothing.

In book two, it will be revealed why FBI Agent Watkins wants Don's ParaCW and the measures he will take to get it.

©2017 Ron Good (P)2017 Ron Good

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