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    Four classic episodes of the popular BBC Radio 4 panel game.

    Episodes from 5 January 1977, 8 January 1980, 11 March 1980 and 23 June 1988.

    Nicholas Parsons chairs four archive episodes of the evergreen BBC Radio 4 comedy panel game, featuring the four original regular players: Clement Freud, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo and Kenneth Williams. These specially selected episodes, all published for the first time, see the formidable foursome squaring up to each other in a battle of wits - and wit.

    As they endeavour to prevent each other from talking for a full minute, topics introduced - and swiftly dismissed - include bath night, Donald Duck, getting in a frenzy, gooey buns, my accolade, the most pleasing city I have visited, getting uptight and poppadoms.

    Camaraderie, competition and brilliant banter are the order of the day as these sparkling raconteurs come out with some of their best and funniest lines and demonstrate their quick thinking and wonderful ways with words. Full of comic gems and irreverent fun, these four classic shows are a delight to listen to.

    ©2016 BBC Radio Comedy (P)2016 BBC Radio Comedy

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