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    Julie and Mary had just lost their editor Mark, who was leaving to follow his fiance to the other side of the pond. The gals were struggling to fill the vacancy for several reasons, but mainly the shoestring budget they were on. Once Peter applied, the girls had to find a way to get him to commit to work for less money, and after that interview, I think he may work for free!

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of FFM office sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.

    Here is a preview:

    Standing up, he came around to the other side of the desk, kneeling down at my feet, with his face so near my crotch, that he could probably smell my sex. His tongue came out of his mouth, and he licked it across his lips, giving me a special insight to what it might feel like inside of me. I could have easily thrown caution to the wind, but I wasn't going to do that until I knew for certain that this was really what he wanted. “Whoa, what do you think you are doing?” “I think we both know that there is something here between us, and I figured that the best way to get to know you better was to just go for broke and tell you what I want.” Before I had a chance to react, he had spread my legs on my chair, putting my legs over each side, essentially leaving me spread before him in a very vulnerable state. Not to say that looking down at his handsome face wasn't something, but I just didn't know if I could be what he wanted me to be. It didn't look like he was going to take no for an answer, as he peeled my panties to the side to see my wetness staring him right in the eye.

    ©2013 Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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