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John's Slavery: John Becomes a Slaveboy

John's Torment, Book 1
Autor: A.J. Moor
Sprecher: David Seager
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 17 Min.

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John’s world is dark, but a new life of slavery is about to make it darker still...and more interesting.

After months of enduring nearly endless bitter cold on the streets of London, John has reached his wits’ end. He doesn’t know which is worse: the hunger or the freezing temperatures. Even staring with big eyes into the bakery window is almost more torture than the 20-year-old man can bear, and he knows well this is no life for him. He longs for so much more, yet there is no immediate hope on the horizon that he will be able to escape his desperate situation and achieve his dreams.

When he meets Mr. Gerald, however, everything changes, and John suddenly discovers in this man an opportunity for the food, warmth, shelter, and even love he has so desperately craved most of his life. But every good thing comes with its price, and if John wants this sexy man to take him under his wing, he must agree to one thing: He must become his slave for the next five years.

Although he is torn by the decision, John reluctantly agrees to a lengthy period of bondage, and he starts his training right away. What he finds, though, is that Mr. Gerald is a cruel master who will punish the boy for the slightest infraction of the rules. Yet, as much as he is loathe to admit it, John soon realizes there is actually something quite appealing - and even hot - about his punishments. 

As his confusion grows even more intense, he soon realizes he is starting to fall in love with Mr. Gerald, a master who is so strict that even John wonders how he could feel such affection toward him.

How will John cope with his new life as a slave? Can he handle the sadistic bondage and punishments Mr. Gerald subjects him to? Will he break? Will he discover in Mr. Gerald the love he has sought all his life and never before been able to find?

Find out in John’s Slavery. Scroll up and buy John's Slavery now.

Warning: This audiobook features gay, BDSM, punishment, bondage, and slavery themes.

©2019 A.J. Moor (P)2020 A.J. Moor

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