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    Are you struggling to understand some of the Advanced Java programming concepts? Are you desperate to further your knowledge and make something out of your programming experience? Look no further; in Java: Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Java, you will learn all about:

    • The Java Interface - Learn all about the Java Interface and how it works
    • Java Packages - Learn how to organize your code using packages
    • Java Collections - Learn how to store dynamic data types better
    • Java Inheritance - Learn about superclasses and abstract methods
    • Access Modifiers - Learn how to structure your programs properly with the correct scoping
    • Polymorphism - The number one Java concept you need to master if you are to truly understand Java programming
    • Variable Scopes - Know how and when to use variables properly
    • Java Packages - Learn how to organize your code using packages
    • The J2EE environment - A basic overview of the J2EE environment
    • ... And much, much more!

    Other benefits of owning this audiobook:

    • Gain more advanced knowledge about the capabilities of the Java programming language
    • Learn the advanced essentials of Java in order to gain the confidence to tackle more complex topics
    • Gain the critical steps in your path towards Java programming mastery

    By the end of this book you will have a better grasp of advanced Java programming and will have learned how to write your code more efficiently and for better effectiveness!

    ©2017 Charlie Masterson (P)2017 Charlie Masterson

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