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    Here are five stories of very rough sex from the queen of extreme, Jael Long!

    1. "Get Me Pregnant! A Rough Sex Breeding Erotica Story" - Marilyn is ready to get it on! Nothing turns her on more than being pregnant, and so far she’s had three children for wealthy men. There’s a new customer, and she and her boyfriend are excited to see her pregnant one more time. There’s a difference with this one, though. He likes his sex 0 even when it’s making babies - rough…very, very rough.

    2. "Lesson One: A Very Rough BDSM Slave Training Story" - Anna isn’t happy when an old friend calls in a favor, twisting her arm to get her to train a submissive for him. Nonetheless, she takes the girl on and is even angrier to discover her old lover sent her a slave that looks almost identical to her. Fine. She’ll train her into a proper slave, but it will hurt. It will hurt a whole lot.

    3. "Eric Bangs Marie into Submission: A First Anal Rough Sex Encounter" - Marie had always suspected Eric of cheating on her and she was at it again when she saw he was texting with someone named Candy. When confronted Eric said Candy was an old high school friend who was coming to town and she wanted to introduce him to her fiancé. Well, Marie wasn't buying this story for a minute, not until Eric put her in her place, I mean put it in her "right" place.....very hard!

    4. "Making It Fit: A Rough Sex Erotica Story" - Mary can’t believe Kelly got her a bridesmaid dress a little too small just to force her to lose five pounds. Worse, she’s already told the tailor he’s not to make any alterations. Mary tries to bribe him with money, but it doesn’t work. He does have another proposal…he’ll make the changes for very, very rough sex!

    5. "Miss Cooper gets Tag Teamed: A Teacher/Student Double Penetration Erotica Story"

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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