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It's Perfectly Natural

A Taboo MILF Fantasy
Autor: Tina Tirrell
Sprecher: Fonda Lee
Spieldauer: 42 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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It can't be wrong when it feels so natural.

She's a loving nurturer, adoring her family and the role she plays in the household. She treasures the special friendship she enjoys with Joel, the young man whose life she has married into. What in the world has she done to throw it all away and break it all down...or is her relationship with him just evolving in the most natural way? Either way, she has a confession to make, a truth she can only reveal in the privacy of her diary....

She can't remember how it began, where the first line was crossed or the first nagging thought was born. Is it Joel's compliments that make her feel so flattered and attractive? Is it inviting him into her bedroom to help her choose just the right outfit to please his father and the other businessman she'll be dining with? Or is it when her near-nakedness presses against his body in a loving embrace and a chance turn of her head forces their lips to brush one another's?

Every step is accidental; that much is clear. But she doesn't have to visit his room after her night out. She doesn't have to feel compelled to apologize or ensure he's okay. She doesn't have to wake him, to lie next to his naked body in his bed. She doesn't have to whisper nurturing words in his ear, notice his physical reactions, handle them with loving care, match his urging motions and movements with her own, and join him in a sleepy, hushed succession of actions leading them both to the brink of physical fulfillment and beyond.

But she does. And now, neither of them can take those moments back.

©2014 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press


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