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    Using emotional intelligence in business and even personal situations may seem somewhat like an oxymoron, since business traditionally carries a reputation of being ultra-competitive, extremely fast paced, and notoriously impersonal. Employing a sense of emotional intelligence in business situations, however, can effectively dispel such traditional notions and function to improve communication, productivity, as well as instill a sense of community spirit, thus improving overall business relationships. Is Emotional Intelligence Dead? By Terence A. Williams is a great audiobook that teaches topics such as empathy. Being empathetic in a business environment, means that you have the ability to understand a perspective. Having a sense of empathy not only permits a clearer overall sense of a situation, it also provides opportunities for both collaborative and creative thinking in order to produce successful results. This also involves great attention to details. Actively empathizing leads to a more focused attention to the details of any particular business situation. This increased attention also promotes the opportunity for not only meaningful discussions, but also moments of true insight and clarity.

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