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Get the Iron Cobras MC Box Set for a limited time.

Includes the following three books:

1. Untouchable

My job was to help my dad's Iron Cobras Motorcycle Club create a strip club...with Axel.

The tattoos. The muscles. The grease smell.

He is so damn hot.

But my dad had one rule: The club guys must stay away from me.

And I have one problem: Axel is right next to me creating the new business, and I just don't know if I can stay away.

2. Unthinkable

My name is Britany Kelly.

I'm the daughter of Arthur Kelly - the president of the Irish Reapers MC.

I'm not interested in that life.

That's why I work at the Shenanigans Massage Parlor.

That's where I meet Carl.

He is grey haired, but that doesn't matter to me because I love hot older men.

And the tattoos just adds to the way he's making me want to screw him.

So I hookup with him, but that is when things change.

That's when I am kidnapped by the Iron Cobras MC he is the president of. Just for revenge on my father.

Is my life in danger?

3. Unbelievable

MC Rule: Wives aren't off limits if the husband is in jail.

Hailey has a threat to end her life.

Her husband can't protect her because he's in prison.

So when he asks me and the Iron Cobras MC to protect her, I agree.

But I don't want to just protect her.

I want to make her mine.

©2020 West Maple Publishing, Inc. (P)2020 West Maple Publishing, Inc.

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