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    What is psychology? What does psychology entail? What are the branches of psychology? Why is psychology so important in human lives? Is psychology interrelated to sociology? What makes psychology a science?

    How do we study psychology? Why is psychology so important in human life? Is psychology a static or a dynamic science? 

    Psychology has been around for some time therefore, it has a substantial history that has changed with time and the span of human life. Psychology touches directly on humans, and its flexibility is contingent upon our lifestyles and evolution. Although psychology was rooted from the theories and questioning of philosophy, it became abundantly clear that psychology was needed in order to find desired answers of the time; which the outdated methods of philosophy were unable to find. 

    For psychology to be effective, it had to be studied with a more “hands on” approach. With this approach, the subject must be researched to obtain empirical evidence, beyond opinions or “blue theories”, as they were called. It is based upon facts, which were thoroughly researched through daily living in all aspects, before being presented to the masses. 

    So, what will you learn from this audiobook? In one,

    You will learn what psychology is, the analysis of other people, how it can be associated daily, how to determine human personalities and disorders and, finally, having the information to apply this knowledge to your daily lives, through the facts that are presented in this audiobook. After all, psychology is a field that anyone can take up and understand easily...if they wish to,

    Want to know more?

    Download now and learn all about psychology and how it affects man every day of his or her life.

    ©2019 DR. Felicity Gray (P)2020 DR. Felicity Gray

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