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    Interplanetary Quartet #1 is a collection of four audiobooks by Jupiter Grant: Poe-rotica: 101 Saucy and Erotic Poems, A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season, The Day Trip, and The Ninth Night.

    These four titles from Jupiter's back-catalog are presented in this audiobook bundle. 


    Do you like poetry? Do you like erotica? Do you like a saucy giggle?

    If you answered "yes", then you'll enjoy Poe-rotica: 101 Saucy and Erotic Poems by Jupiter Grant. 

    Whether it's something hot and steamy, or something a bit naughty and humorous, this collection contains a range of topics centered on love, sex, kink, relationships, and naughty miscellany to make you chuckle. 

    A Horny Halloween

    Especially for the scary season, (and all year round) erotica writer Jupiter Grant presents six smutty and spooky tales of sex and horror to make your toes curl and your spine tingle.

    Each short story features spooky scenarios, smutty and salacious scenes, and sinful situations. Snuggle up safe and warm, and enjoy this collection of dark, horror-tinged erotica.

    The Day Trip:

    A sexy holiday in Italy takes an even steamier turn when two lovers meet Luca, a hunky local tour guide, and take a day trip out to the lemon-scented idyll of the Isle of Capri. 

    The Ninth Night:

    Many traditions believe that the souls of the recently deceased remain earthbound for nine days after their death. If you had the chance, what would you say to your loved one before they departed the earthly realm forever?

    A short story about life and death, love and loss, and saying goodbye.

    ©2020 Jupiter Grant (P)2020 Jupiter Grant

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