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Patrick Allen stars as Inspector West in this classic radio adventure, first broadcast on BBC Radio in 1967.

Based on the long-running series of novels by John Creasey, the Inspector West dramas became popular with radio audiences between 1967 and 1971. Nicknamed 'Handsome' West, the Chief Inspector is one of Scotland Yard's youngest and smartest detectives, and a devoted family man.

In this action-packed serial, West is in Dorset on the trail of a dangerous criminal mastermind. Young Michael Grant is honeymooning at Uplands hotel when several strange events lead him to suspect that he is being threatened. His mortal enemy - Carosian - has returned to England and is looking to take revenge on Grant for thwarting his blackmail plans.

Carosian is an old adversary of West's, and the Chief Inspector sees an opportunity to set a trap and capture his nemesis. But when a man is murdered and Grant's wife, Christine, disappears, West finds himself facing a deadly battle that he must win....

This thrilling full-cast drama features real-life husband and wife Patrick Allen and Sarah Lawson as Roger and Janet West, with Francis de Wolff as Carosian.

Also included is a half-hour episode from The Radio Detectives series Stand by for West, in which Professor Jeffrey Richards profiles John Creasey's Scotland Yard inspector.

Classic Radio Crime: presenting vintage detectives for your investigation!

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