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    They want it so bad that you can taste it.

    This erotic anthology bundle packs a powerful punch with not three but five torrid tales, including a complete erotic suspense novelette! Authors Liam Holt and Tina Tirrell will unsettle you in the most provocative ways and deliver ultimate sexual many times as you like.  


    If an investigative mastermind, envied by all men and desired by all women, finally meets his match...oh, what a gratifying way to go!

    Robert O'Connor can't possibly realize the true desires and intentions of this immanently beguiling femme fatale until it's much too late.  

    "Gagging for It"

    She's only after one thing. She not only craves it, she practically worships it. And he's lucky enough to have been born with one.

    She begs for it, beckons it, tells him just how she wants it. He surprises even himself when he gives it to her - and how hard.  

    "Her Prey"

    Undeniably seductive and always in control, these women - and their insatiable appetites for sex - won't back down until they get exactly what they want from the men lucky enough to be their next conquest. 

    Be careful what you wish might just get it.

    ©2014 Ardour Press (P)2018 Ardour Press

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