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  • Improve Your Credit Score

  • How to Boost Your Credit Score, Remove Inquiries and Negative Items from Your Credit Report, and Move to Financial First Class
  • Von: Evan Copson
  • Gesprochen von: Bobby Pierce
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 11 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Wirtschaft & Karriere, Erfolg im Beruf

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    If you want to improve your credit score and financial position, then listen to this audiobook!

    Do you ever feel like some people find it rather easy to get what they want? Or financial institutions seem to be lining up to give them new credit cards? Are you wondering why they can access credit so easily when you struggle at times? Well, the answer to all these questions is primarily based on one's credit score.

    A credit score is a three-digit number, which essentially paints a picture of your creditworthiness. Regardless of whether you know it or not, your credit score influences all your future choices. It helps determine your ability to invest in a property, obtain a loan, or even purchase a car. The higher your credit score is, the better is your creditworthiness.

    This number is based on various complicated calculations made by a credit rating agency. Improving and repairing your credit score is a brilliant idea. Your credit score influences not only the rate of interest payable on loans but also the premium or security deposits payable while making investments. A poor credit score makes you look like a financial flight risk.

    In this audiobook, you will learn about various simple and practical ways to improve your credit score. A good credit score makes all the difference between being neck-deep in debt and achieving the financial independence you desire.

    It is human nature to make mistakes, and this audiobook will act as your guide along the way. If you're willing to put in the necessary effort and make conscious decisions about your finances, you will be able to repair your credit score within no time. You cannot repair your credit score overnight and stay away from anyone who promises you the same. Only when you put in the necessary effort will you be able to see a difference.

    A lot of people struggle to understand what the credit score or the way in which it is calculated. Apart from this, they also find it difficult to manage their debt and other expenses. If you are among them, you have nothing to worry about. You are not alone, and there are plenty of people in the same situation as you. All that matters right now is taking corrective action immediately.

    In this audiobook, you will be given information about:

    • What a credit score means and ways to obtain your credit report
    • Understanding the different aspects of a credit score
    • Ways to quickly improve your credit score
    • The 10 myths that keep you away from a good credit scores
    • The 15 things which lower credit score
    • The 3 factors that influence the timeframe to improve your credit score
    • How to increase your credit limit
    • What to do when new credit is denied
    • Fixing any inaccurate entries in the credit report
    • Overcoming financial difficulties to improve your credit score
    • Strategies to repay your debt, and much more! 

    Are you worried about your credit score? Are you wondering if this audiobook will help you? If yes, then I can assure you that by following the practical advice given in this audiobook, regardless of how low your credit score is, you can work on improving it.

    Consistent effort, time, and patience are required to improve your credit score. All the information given in this book will help you develop and maintain an excellent credit score. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now! 

    ©2019 Evan Copson (P)2021 Evan Copson

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