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    A MUST-have for travel! Speak French instantly! Simple, natural, helpful! More than 1,300 sound-tracked words, more than 340 expressions, and 14 tracks. Volume Basic is a synthesis of useful words and phrases from 30 common topics.

    Topics (Volume Basic):

    • Personal Pronouns
    • Cardinal numbers
    • Money
    • Time
    • The days of the week
    • The months
    • Way to call somebody
    • Greetings
    • Usual phrases
    • Questions
    • Thanks
    • Refuses
    • Desires
    • Meetings
    • Languages
    • Friendly subjects
    • Invitations
    • Notices and Signs
    • Nationality
    • On the Street
    • Taxi
    • In the bus
    • At the Railway station
    • Trip by plane
    • In the custom
    • In the hotel
    • In the police station
    • In the cafe
    • in the cake shop
    • in the bar
    • In the restaurant
    • Shopping
    • Communication
    • At the Doctor

    The phrase repetition helps for better training. An intermediary signal permits you to situate in time. Useful for Tourists, Professionals, and Students.

    aBook: 200 useful topics in 10 Volumes + two Business Volumes – more than 20,000 soundtracked words and more than 4,000 soundtracked expressions.

    The selected Mozart sonata, very appreciated by Einstein, accompanies you with the aim of helping you to memorize the words. Nature, a top journal, reports that this sonata can stimulate mental activity - test it and learn languages.

    Please note: This audiobook is in Greek.

    ©2008 CSLdV-Ionov (P)2009 CSLdV-Ionov

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