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    A romantic DDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist.

    Nadia looked up at the stars and wondered what it would take to feel again. To be able to feel love, to be able to be touched without flinching and to be able to smile without the threat of the tears she kept just behind her eyes from escaping.

    Dan was looking up at those very same stars on the very same night, yet his question was simpler: How do I make my life more interesting?

    Follow the story of Nadia and Dan as they ride the highs and lows together, proving that there is nothing love can’t cure.

    Please note: This story contains heavy sexually explicit content, age play, DDLG and ABDL themes. It features diaper changes (wet), dominants, and a submissive. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities, and this novel is intended for adult listeners only.

    If you are looking for a loving DDLG story....

    Get your copy today!

    ©2019 Tina Moore (P)2019 Tina Moore

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