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    "The foundations of the couple are the quality of communication." (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

    Do you want your relationship to be happy and lasting? Then, learn to communicate! Surely, you will have suffered because your love story was over. In reality, a gray fog seemed to have fallen, and it seemed tiring to face every new day. 

    A love relationship is only as strong as the foundations on which it is built are strong. In this audiobook, you can easily learn to listen with your heart and to create an empathic communication that will allow your relationship to last over time.

    By learning to communicate more effectively, you and your partner can fortify the foundations of your love, feel united in a harmonious couple, and face the storms of life without fear. Learning to communicate will give you and your partner lots of happiness! 

    In this audiobook, the authors wish to share the secrets of the art of communication derived from their personal and professional experience.

    Inside, you'll discover:

    • Why a happy relationship is closely connected to healthy communication
    • What are the four "flowers" of the personality
    • Why communication tends to fail
    • What are some communication errors that neither school nor society have taught us to recognize as such and which will surely ruin our lives
    • How to resolve misunderstandings
    • How to learn to listen to your partner from the heart
    • How to learn to interpret your partner's nonverbal emotional cues
    • How to offer confirmation, validation, recognition, and support
    • How empathic communication promotes trust within relationships

    Buy I Hear You now and learn an easy way to turn your relationship into an exciting journey full of joy!

    ©2020 John Chapman, Sherry Harvey (P)2020 John Chapman, Sherry Harvey

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