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    Smart and ambitious, young Ivana is being groomed by her uncle to rise to the upper echelons of the Ukrainian business world. With a brilliant career ahead, and a suitable fiancé hand-picked for her, this blonde bombshell has it all; money, prestige, education, and status. 

    But Ivana has secret desires of her own that cannot be tamed. When she meets a sexy playboy, she turns her back on family, friends, and fortune. Blind with love, she follows him to Miami, and he bilks her for all she’s worth.  

    Alone with a failed marriage, drained bank account, and only her good looks to sustain her, the fun-loving and kinky Ivana transforms herself into a high-end escort, turning men’s sexual fantasies into reality, having tons of great sex, and making gobs of money along the way. 

    This erotic pause-resister is filled with adventure and romance, BDSM, danger, and international travel as Ivana recounts the trials and tribulations of a woman who has taken control of her sex life to create financial opportunity.  

    Using her innate business sense, and a little help from friends she meets along the way, Ivana amasses a small fortune for herself as a sexy stewardess, Girlfriend Experience, and irresistible escort to gentlemen of taste and means. 

    From Silicon Valley to Manhattan to Monte Carlo, she meets violent drug dealers, basketball stars, rich executives, friends, lovers, and mentors that fill the pages of this literotica novel with the racy humor, sexual prowess, and naughty stories of a sweet, smart, and sexy woman looking for love.

    ©2020 Ivana Petrov Entertainment Llc (P)2020 Ivana Petrov Entertainment Llc

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