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I Believe: Guided Meditations to Attract Love Now

Sprecher: Ronnie Ann Ryan
Spieldauer: 48 Min.

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Do you believe in love? Or do you think “Why bother?” and utter any one of these beliefs in your defense: "All the good men are taken," "Love doesn’t really exist or last," "Who would want me? I’m too old, fat, unattractive, problematic, dull, etc.," "Men can’t be trusted – they’re all scoundrels," "I’m too busy to date," "I can’t remember how to flirt or connect with men," "Love is pain, so I want neither." This mindset is the “There’s No Love for Me” syndrome. It’s a difficult place to be that can be frustrating and leave you apathetic.

To attract love, you have to believe in it and feel it now. These guided meditations were developed by dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan to specifically combat these limiting and negative thoughts and transform them into the positive outlook that will bring you success. They will compliment your external efforts to find love by putting you in a far more positive and open mind set — crucial when you are out there meeting new prospects!

In addition to the introduction, there are three parts to this program:1) a 20-minute affirmation session2) a 10-minute version of the same affirmation session3) a 5-minute affirmation refresher. You’ll start with the longest version, then when you start to feel differently, notice your experiences improving and men suddenly responding to you, then you can cut back to the 10-minute version and ultimately, to the 5-minute refresher. Tap into the divine love you already have within you and bring it to the surface to turn your love life around.

©2009 Ronnie Ann Ryan (P)2010 Wetware Media


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