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    In this introduction I’ll say this: I’ve seen a lot of repeating patterns happening in the world of influence and persuasion. People who are more influential and persuasive seem to acquire greater material riches in life.

    I used to think that some people simply possessed qualities and attributes which made them this way. In other words, some people were destined for success, while others weren’t. This belief isn’t true anymore for me. I’ve disproved it personally, and I’ve known others who have disproved it, too.

    Persuasion, mind control, call it what you like - covert or conversational hypnosis is within all of our grasp. Use the information in this book to influence others easily and quickly without their knowledge, and get what you need in minutes from anyone.

    Use self-hypnosis to change your life.

    Rid yourself of unwanted baggage quickly and easily.

    This guide will help you practice this natural and powerful technique. Become a happier and better balanced person in hours.

    You see, we’ve all read books or watched movies that captivated us, held us in suspended reality, until which time the book or movie ended. After you’ve finished reading the book or watching the movie there are all these things happening inside of you at the neurological level. One part of you is bewildered, not knowing what to think or how to feel. Another part may wish the story had never ended. Another part may feel drawn to take action or investigate something related to what you just read or watched. Even your own personality, values, ideas, identity, persuasions, and so forth may change as a result of one breakthrough book or movie.

    ©2020 Michael Robbins Blair (P)2021 Forbes D. Yapko

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