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    Have you ever heard of hyperlexia or dyslexia? Do you think that you, your loved one, or your child suffers from dyslexia, autism, hyperlexia, Asperger’s syndrome, Savant syndrome, Einstein syndrome, or other conditions of the brain? 

    Any child or adult with a constellation of traits that can be diagnosed as a "syndrome" can be successful if they have the appropriate support. This book can help you get started on being able to tell whether you (or a loved one) has any of these traits, what to look for, and where to get more help.

    This book will help to teach you what these two conditions are and why every parent with a learning disabled or even a "gifted and talented" child should be aware of them. Knowing how to be able to tell these two disorders apart can help a parent determine whether their child will have a positive or negative outcome for the future. It can help a parent determine whether or not they should worry about their child’s deficits and whether they should seek additional help and training for their child. 

    There are even couples and parent-child relationships where one individual is dyslexic and the other person is hyperlexic. Often, a dyslexic child or adult will accuse others of "saying things the wrong way". They might speak in passive voice rather than speaking in active voice. They might also think that other people are being too direct or being abusive if they make a request to them in an "active" voice. 

    A hyperlexic person or a neurotypical person might think that dyslexic people are speaking in passive aggressive language, whereas a dyslexic person might think that hyperlexic or neurotypicals are speaking too much "proper English". Each may find the other person's language and approach as abrasive or shifty without even realizing why!

    Download now to find out more. 

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