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  • Hydroponics: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Hydroponics for Life!

  • Geschrieben von: Jonathon Cardone
  • Gesprochen von: Alex Ballantyne
  • Spieldauer: 41 Min.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Hydroponics for Life!

    Create your homemade hydroponic system and enjoy indoor gardening!

    Learn how you can grow healthier plants safe and fast without actually using soil!

    Hydroponics gardening is an old technique of growing plants without the soil. Ancient Babylonians and ancient Chinese people already discovered this method hundreds of years ago. The modern technology is incorporating new ideas and innovations in hydroponics, making it more popular nowadays. As a beginner you can start by developing your own hydroponic system at home! The equipment, materials, and medium to use don't need to be expensive as long as you have the proper knowledge of handling and growing your plants.

    This book will give you essential information and tips on how the system works, what things to avoid, the ideal plants to grow, and the common mistakes of beginners. You will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of using this method in gardening. Likewise, growing plants hydroponically has massive benefits compared to traditional gardening in specific conditions and situations. Growers are taking advantage of these benefits and are considering hydroponics as the farming of the future. Nonetheless, hydroponics is the answer in our problem in water shortages and issues with food supplies. It can be our way of growing bigger and healthier plants in a sustainable and ecological way.

    Why You Must Have This Book Today!

    • In this book you will learn the basics of hydroponics
    • This book will teach you the common terminologies you will encounter in hydroponic gardening
    • In this book you will learn the various types of systems
    • This book will guide you in choosing the right growing medium to use
    • This book will teach you how to prepare the nutrient solution

    ©2015 Jonathon Cardone (P)2015 Jonathon Cardone

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