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    Have you been dumped recently? Trying hard to forget your ex, but you feel like you two belong together? R
    elationship expert and rising author Mark Cosmo has something you need in a situation like this. "How to get your ex back" is your guide to getting your game back. Getting over a long term relationship is never easy, and it gets even harder when you are still in love with your ex. Whatever the reason may have been for the breakup, there's always room for reconciliation if the two people still love each other. And this audiobook shows exactly how that can be done. Skillfully planned and beautifully written, "How to get your ex back" stands out from the other books in the genre simply because it involves much more than just tips and tricks of winning someone back.

    Mark Cosmo takes his time in detailing the reasons why most couples break up. You will be surprised to see how much you can relate to this audiobook. The author emphasizes the importance of gaining your confidence back after the heart break, and tells you how to do that. Later in the audiobook, you will learn whether it is the right move to get back together with your ex, and how you can actually rebuild your relationship. Order your copy to find out the recipe for rekindling romance with your ex.
    ©2016 Cosmo Distribution (P)2016 Cosmo Distribution

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