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    Do you have a history of getting up to do things that excite you, and suddenly, you start getting cold feet?

    Do you constantly battle with low self-esteem and look for ways to be on your A game, all the time? If so, then keep listening….

    Critical thinking is a highly sought-after skill in today’s world. As great a skill as this is, it becomes a problem when you allow it to go beyond a certain boundary. If left untamed, you will discover that your tendency to plan every event down to the last T before taking any major step will become a major problem for you. This problem will begin to manifest itself when you see that you begin to lose interest in taking action. 

    One of the major reasons you spend so much time planning is because you have not mastered control over your mind. For reasons you may not know, your mind is still full of clutter, and these include negative self-talk, anxiety, worry, and emotions that are highly limiting. 

    Because of the presence of these things, you may not be able to make a change, and the result is that you never get to take the requisite action to get you the desired result.

    This is what this audiobook seeks to correct. 

    In this audiobook, How to Stop Overthinking, you will be exposed to eight proven strategies that will help you put this vicious cycle to a stop, once and for all. 

    At the end of this audiobook, you will:

    • Discover why you have been unable to take steps towards your dreams. 
    • Be able to resist the temptation of overplanning and never taking action. 
    • Be guided on how to actualize your goals. 
    • Be able to stop overthinking things by decluttering your mind and life from negative thoughts, anxieties, and worries. 

    And so much more!

    To begin the process of getting better, get a copy of this audiobook right now.

    ©2020 Jake Trevor (P)2020 Jake Trevor

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