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    Got your Amazon Echo Dot device? Now it's time to get this easy guide that will help you become a pro using your Echo Dot and Alexa app!

    Whether your Echo Dot is your first Alexa-enabled Amazon product or you are an Alexa veteran, How to Program Alexa: A 2017 Field Guide to Mastering Your Echo Dot and Your Alexa App will help you get the most out of your experience!

    This book is meant to be a practical, hands-on guide to your new Amazon Echo Dot and programming your Alexa. From the moment you take the device out of the box, there are detailed instructions and plenty of unique commands to try!

    The Alexa Voice Service is not all just flashy skills and cat facts, though - it is so much more! This book will guide you on setting up your very own Alexa Smart Home!

    Get started by purchasing this audiobook today!

    Inside, you'll find:

    • Specific commands to try on Alexa right off the bat, to give you a full user experience from the very beginning
    • Terminology presented in an easy to understand manner, ensuring confidence when using your Amazon Echo Dot
    • Hands-on experience with the companion Alexa App, teaching you as you integrate Alexa into your life
    • Step-by-step instruction on how to program Alexa to be whatever you need her for that moment - how to make Alexa be the perfect personal assistant
    • How to begin building your smart home from the ground up, with guidance as to where to start and how to plan and what products to purchase to fit your needs
    • A simple guide to coding and programming your very own Alexa Skills that can guide a beginner all the way to making their first fully functioning (and available to the public if desired) Alexa Skill!
    • Fun tips and tricks for Alexa to ensure you never have a dull moment
    • And so much more!

    ©2017 Diamond Publishing (P)2017 Mark Diamond

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