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    A British Billionaire + a free-spirited American girl + an orphaned baby = a sweet romance with all of the feels.

    After losing his brother and sister-in-law, Billionaire Benjamin flies over from England to Los Angeles to pick up the pieces. Including Maggie, his baby niece.

    The problem is, Benjamin has no clue what to do with a baby and would much rather bury his head in paperwork than face reality.

    Out of nowhere, crystal-loving Krista stumbles into his life and makes an offer he can’t refuse: to be his nanny. 

    Benjamin makes it perfectly clear the arrangement is temporary: He’s only in Los Angeles to tie up loose ends, then he’s going back to England.

    But Krista has other ideas. She makes it her mission to show Benjamin that he can build a life in Los Angeles and honor his brother’s memory.

    She just wants to help Benjamin come to terms with his loss and take care of the baby. But then she discovers he has a tragic past and a heart of gold and loses her own heart in the process.

    And while he’s drowning in grief, Benjamin realizes Krista might just be the breath of fresh air he was searching for.

    ©2020 Laura Burton (P)2021 Laura Burton

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