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    Fast and easy ways to meditate on the Bible and grow in worship, love, and peace

    Meditation is the way to develop your spirit. It helps get our minds better prepared for prayer. We are better able to focus and worship God in spirit and in truth.

    As you meditate on God’s word, you help your spirit, soul, and body become more detached from the influences of the world; you detach your affections from what’s not necessary and re-channel them to the most important things of life. You open yourself up to divine encounters that will establish your destiny. 

    When you “meditate” on God’s words, they become “his sayings”. That is, God begins to talk to you through them. The Holy Spirit amplifies the words inside of you and gives you details that could have only come from God. You gain direction.

    This small booklet will tell you:

    • What bible meditation is
    • 10 benefits of meditating on the word of God
    • The seven-step method for effective Bible meditation
    • Biblical meditation techniques
    • How to meditate and talk to God
    • How to meditate on the word of God daily
    • Meditate on God's word day and night scriptures

    If you desire to grow in the knowledge of God and enrich your prayer life, then this book will certainly guide you on that path.

    ©2017 Daniel C. Okpara (P)2018 Daniel C. Okpara

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