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How to Look Good Naked: A Guide to Fitness

Sprecher: Jessie Gross
Spieldauer: 46 Min.

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Although many, many people will see you clothed every single day, only a very select few will ever get the chance to see you naked. Those select and special few folks should really be in for a treat then, right? No one wants to be an underwhelming naked person, so do your part and make your nudity shine with this all-inclusive audiobook that will help you not only look better naked but also feel better naked.

Topics covered in this manual include:

  • Polishing up your birthday suit.
  • Self Care.
  • Posture and the all-important guide to body hair.

Not only will this guide let you know what you are doing that makes you a less attractive naked person, but it will also tell you what other people are secretly looking at when they see you naked! Don't be an average-looking naked person for one more day. Listen to this book and learn How to Look Good Naked today!

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