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    We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy. Always remember that good communication is key when it comes to positive social interactions in a relationship.

    Interactions with people can be verbal or nonverbal. We can even connect through a smile. In this audiobook, you will be exposed to how perfect relationship methods will help make your partner feel more appreciated, heard, and, most of all, loved. It will outline how to solve intimacy problems to have the healthy and strong relationship that you deserve. Also, you'll be guided on common communication mistakes to avoid so that you can have a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 

    More precisely, it will teach you:

    • How to communicate about serious issues in relationship
    • How better communication leads to a healthier relationship
    • Rules for effective communication in a relationship
    • Ways to effectively become emotionally open in your relationship
    • Solving intimacy problems in a relationship
    • Basic communication skills all couples need to develop
    • Communication mistakes made by couples in a relationship
    • Conflict resolution in relationships
    • And much more

    Keep listening, and you will have a better idea of how to improve intimacy in your relationship with perceptions and new ideas.

    ©2020 Ariana Mayer (P)2020 Ariana Mayer

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