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    If you want to find your passion, love what you do and live a fulfilling life, keep reading...

    Do you want a sense of purpose in your life?

    Do you want to lead the best life that you can?

    Are you keen on giving yourself, and your loved ones, a happy and fulfilled life?

    If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

    How to Find Your Passion is filled with skills, strategies, techniques, and "how-tos" designed to teach you how to give your life purpose. What sets this audiobook apart from the rest is that we’ll go through a series of activities that will reveal your needs and interests. This audiobook, informed by my own life experiences, will reveal not only what you want from life, but how to go out there and grab it.

    Here's exactly what you will learn:

    • How to find and battle all your self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive affirmations
    • What is "Ikigai" and how to use this powerful self-discovery tool to find your calling in life
    • How to find your unique personality type and find your real passion and life purpose
    • Understand the difference between "what you love" and "what you're good at"
    • Amazing ways to turn your passion into your profession
    • How to do what you love and love what you do
    • How to conquer the fear of loss and pursue your greatest dreams
    • How stepping out of your comfort zone can accelerate your personal growth
    • And so much more!

    If you're tired of what you do, or you think you can be so much more than what you are now, then don't wait another second.

    Get this audiobook now and you will discover the best secrets to live a meaningful life immediately!

    ©2019 Steven Hopkins (P)2020 Steven Hopkins

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