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    Do you want to know how to analyze people and to best interpret what their behaviors mean? If yes, then keep reading....

    It is important to understand that there is a difference between reading and analyzing someone in your presence and telepathy. Many people confuse the two. Science fiction fans are more than conversant with the concept of telepathy. You are thousands of miles away, yet somehow, just when you are thinking about someone, they call you. This is a different story altogether. Analyzing someone is about being in their presence. You must be aware of their role at the moment and yours to accurately analyze them. 

    Do you want to know how to manipulate people? 

    Manipulation is fundamentally the art of getting others to do exactly what you want them to not necessarily by paying attention to their desires or in extreme cases even harming them. It comprises a series of techniques such as charm, charisma, hypnotism, persuasion, trickery, coaxing, misinformation, and much more.

    In this book, we will discuss the following topics: 

    • The science of body language

    • Different signs of body language

    • Signals to analyze people 

    • Deep analysis of people thought

    • Body language for effective communciation

    ©2020 James Carter (P)2021 James Carter

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