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    The most basic thing on the planet to any individual is to understand himself. The following audiobook is to understand other individuals. For life is generally an issue of running your own vehicle as it was meant to be run in addition to coexisting with the other drivers on the interstate. 

    From this book you will realize which sort of vehicle you are and the principle reasons why you have not been getting the best out of yourself. Likewise, you will get familiar with the makes of other human vehicles and how to get the best out of them. The coactivity is indispensable to bliss and achievement. We interact with our fellow man in all the areas of our lives, and what we get from life depends to an outstanding degree on our relationship with others. 

    The biggest issue confronting any life-form is faithful response to one's current circumstance. Life is the aggregate of your encounters. In plain English, this implies fitting professionally, socially, and martially into where you are.

    ©2020 Robert Bruce (P)2020 Robert Bruce

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