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    "What a story. When I started listening to this I never would have thought this was where it would go. The House of Romance is way more than a house of romance. Yes, I knew it would be a lesbian romance story, but wow! So many places like this run by men, for men, but this lesbian romance in this house of romance is by women, for women. That is a bit of a twist and I like it." (Glenda, Oklahoma City, OK)

    "I want to go to Barcelona right now after listening to this lesbian romance short story. Yes, I do! Thank you, Olivia Hampshire. Somehow I listened to two of your other House of Romance books before I found this one. I had no problem following anything that was going on in the other ones. It is like you can hear them in any order that you want, and I did. But Olivia, it was very nice to hear about how all of this hot, steamy lesbian romance got started. Thank you very much." (Constance, Salem, OR)

    "I am not going to mention any names, because I don't want to spoil things for anybody, but that love scene at the very end was hot, hot, hot, and I didn't think it would ever go that way in the beginning. The House of Romance has a different name once you get into the book. The real name is pretty hot. Me and my partner would love to go to this place. We read lesbian romance short stories to each other every night. This lesbian romance was well worth the money." (Ellen, Little Rock, AR)

    "Olivia Hampshire, you just came out of the blue with your lesbian romance stories, and tell you what, girl: You just keep on coming. I loved your book Cop Licked, and I love your Lesbian Billionaire series with Debbie Brown, too. I am glad I found this House of Romance series, because me and my partner love to read this kind of stuff. Thank you. Great stuff." (Teresa, Helena, MT)

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