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    "Hi, Olivia. Finally! A lesbian romance story for women who are bigger than the women you see on TV. And a great story, too. I just love your House of Romance books, and in this one not only does the big girl have a great time with the hot women in the House of Romance, but there is a very interesting and different ending, given what I am used to seeing in all stories that I have seen. Right on, Olivia Hampshire." (Abigail, Santa Fe, NM)

    "Olivia, I am really enjoying these House of Romance lesbian romance adventures that you make up. Or maybe you have actually had these experiences. I don't know. I love the House of Romance. I love Grace and Claudia and all of the strange things and people that are drawn to the place. In this one, sure, the girl has problems, and even the gay guy that pops in has some problems, too, but unlike most lesbian romance books, things come to an ending in a way that gives me something good to think about. Please keep on keepin' on with your writing." (Harper, San Antonio, TX)

  • "Yeah, girl, Olivia! Grace, Claudia, Barcelona, nude beaches, lots of wonderful, caring, sexual women enjoying life in lesbian romance stories in the House of Romance. You go, girl. I am a big girl. Some people call me fat (not to my face, but I know they do). And in our society, it is hard many times for me to feel good about myself or to believe that someone beautiful might want to get jiggy with me. Thank you so much for having a lesbian romance story in the House of Romance about someone like me. You go, girl, and don't stop." (Emily, NY, NY)

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