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    Are you an empath? This audiobook will teach you how to survive and protect yourself from emotional abuse.

    If you’re an empath, you probably know it. You feel like there’s a highly sensitive antenna built into your mind and this antenna just keeps picking up the emotions of everyone around you. This can be very tiring and overwhelming, especially if you’re in a crowded place.

    Besides, many people mistake empathy for weakness. Some will try to use you as a dumping ground for their emotions while others will laugh at your extreme sensitivity.

    Some aspects of being an empath are outright scary, such as having to confront narcissistic abusers and emotional vampires. Narcissists have no idea of empathy - they’re just preying on victims and enslaving them with an imitation of love and affection. Emotional vampires are people who provoke their victims and then feed on their emotional energy. As an empath, you’re an attractive target because of your powerful emotions and your tendency to help others at the expense of your mental health.

    However, empathy is a strength and a gift, too. This audiobook will teach you how to make the most out of this gift and how to protect yourself from abusers and toxic people.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How to control your empathic powers
    • How to set personal borders and prevent people from misusing your gifts
    • How to escape from a relationship with a narcissist...and how to recover!
    • How to balance and align your chakras to strengthen your body and mind
    • And much more!

    With this comprehensive guide, you won’t have to fear narcissists and emotional vampires any longer. Even if you’re in a close relationship with a narcissist, this audiobook will show you how to break free.

    This audiobook will also be very valuable if your partner or child is an empath. You’ll learn to understand them and have even more respect for their unique gift!

    Learn how to embrace your empathic powers and turn vulnerabilities into strengths!

    Get this audiobook now!

    ©2019 Judy Mystic (P)2020 Judy Mystic

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