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    The myth of fixed intelligence debunked.

    For all the productive conversation around "mind-sets", what’s missing are the details of how to convince our discouraged and underperforming students that "smart is something you can get". Until now. 

    With High Expectations Teaching, Jon Saphier reveals, once and for all, evidence that the bell curve of ability is plain wrong and that ability is something that can be grown significantly if we can first help students to believe in themselves. 

    In drill-down detail, Saphier provides an instructional audiobook for increasing student confidence and agency in the daily flow of classroom life. 

    Here's what you'll find in the book:

    • Powerful strategies for attribution retraining, organized around 50 Ways to Get Students to Believe in Themselves  
    • Concrete examples, scripts, and classroom structures and routines for empowering student agency and choice
    • Dozens of accompanying videos showing high-expectations strategies in action

    All children, in all schools - regardless of income or social class - will benefit from the strategies in this book. But, for children of poverty and children of color, our proficiency with these skills is essential and, in many ways, life-saving. Jon Saphier challenges educators, students, and parents to get started today.

    About Jon Saphier

    The author of nine books, including The Skillful Teacher, Jon Saphier is founder and president of Research for Better Teaching, Inc. (RBT), a professional development organization dedicated since 1979 to improving classroom teaching and school leadership throughout the United States and internationally.

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