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Alrek de Roch is a proud Viking fighting for the newly crowned King William, descended from a fearsome line of the best swords men in the North. After years in service to William, he, along with his friend, were granted each a title and lands. But to claim his new lands he needed to do two things, wed and bed the daughter of the last lord.

Darcee grew up as a man and would protect her home like one. When the Normans came knocking at her gates she was ready to fight for her home. But her stepmother let them in and the castle fell. Now, to save her starving people, she made a distasteful deal. She would wed the Norman, who would call himself her new lord, who was, in truth, a pagan Viking.

When two people so alike meet, sparks will fly and a fire will burn. However, will it be the flame of passion or the inferno of hate?

©2015 Charlotte Adlesperger (P)2017 Charlotte Adlesperger

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