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    Best friends can make the sweetest lovers, but are Jill and Dillon ready to take their relationship into uncharted waters?

    After a heartbreak leaves intelligent billionaire Dillon Quinn lost in love, it’s up to his best friend, Jill Sinclair, to help him move on.

    But with each lingering touch and gentle caress, Jill can’t help but wonder: Could her feelings for Dillon go beyond friendship? Could this be love?

    Dillon is ready to investigate his growing feelings for Jill as well. He has never felt anything like this before. Jill triggered in him something that no woman had before.

    Right at the height of their fervor, Jill and Dillon receive news that shocks them to the core.

    How can Jill ever feel worthy of love again, and can Dillon continue to give her the support she needs as Jill wrestles with disappointment? Can their newly discovered romance survive life-shattering news?

    Each book in the series is a stand-alone story with its own happy ending!

    ©2018, 2020 Gigi Marlowe (P)2020 Gigi Marlowe

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