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    Rook Dagger spent the first 15 years of her life safely tucked away in a beautiful cottage on the lake, enjoying home-cooked meals and homeschooling far away from the rest of the world. But her power couldn't be hidden forever. The time has come for her to be enrolled in Hemlock Academy, a centuries-old institution designed to cultivate and create the greatest necromancers in the world. 

    The children who attend will one day be placed among the seven kingdoms of magic, serving kings and country for as long as they're needed. To harness the power surging through her veins, Rook will need guidance in the art of giving of life - and taking it away. This power makes her unique. Dangerous. Different. Her abilities could make her an unstoppable force of nature if she wasn't hung up on a boy: G Gianni - a beautiful distraction with pouty lips, pale skin, and a sharp tongue. His attention consumes her. His scent entices her. His words infuriate her. She loves to hate him. He hates to love her. And together? Well, together, they could destroy the world.

    ©2020 Rue Volley (P)2021 The Audio Flow, LLC

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