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    Love Is Love

    Helen Lipton is a woman on the run. 

    There are demons in her past that will follow her to the ends of the earth until she is able to free herself from them. 

    But for right now she is a drifter, trying to stay out of the spotlight, blending in as best she can.

    Her only companion is her dead girlfriend Susan, who for some unknown reason is able to appear to her and only her. Susan was the love of Helen's life. She was her everything. And now she is gone....

    But her death was no accident. Helen is sure of it. Susan died under mysterious circumstances and Helen will stop at nothing until she puts her killer behind bars. 

    Not to mention Helen's own demons she is running from back home. If she ever stops running her life will be over. She has to keep on the move. She has no choice....

    Arriving in a new town, Helen gets a job, a room to rent, and is just trying to blend in until Susan discovers work that needs to be done. Two amazing women, both restrained by their fear of their true desires, are yearning, beckoning out to the universe to find their soulmates. 

    Helen and Susan take it upon themselves to bring these two lost souls together. But will it be a match made in heaven? Or will they learn that sometimes it's best not to mess with the natural order of things?

    And will this work leave Helen more exposed than she has ever been and lead the devil right to her door?

    ©2018 sbBooks (P)2019 william d lewis jr

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