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    How do you fight for a mortal's damned soul?

    With teeth and claws. With wings and hate. With brass knuckles coated with demon blood. And that's exactly what my archangel intends to do.

    I never wanted this bloodline...never wanted to belong to both the darkness and the light. I’ll renounce Lucifer’s hold over me, and I’ll fight. 

    But the Nephilim are rising, staking their claim over my body and my soul, bringing that dangerous part of me to the surface...until one night, in a derelict church in the middle of a desert, they come.

    Dark against light. Heaven against hell. Who will survive?

    Please note: This book was previously published and is republished by the author. 

    ©2019 Kim Faulks (P)2019 Kim Faulks

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