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Healing Arthritis: Find Relief in Your Recovery Road

One Step Closer Everyday
Autor: Walter Petroy
Sprecher: Neal Vickers
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It's life-changing when you start to free yourself of pain.  

Arthritis is an ailment that can affect anyone regardless of age, and this includes children. Arthritis is frequent in older adults. It can cause pain and may hinder patients from taking pleasure in the things they once enjoyed. When arthritis is left undiagnosed and without treatment, it may lead to permanent or irreversible injury to the joints, bones, organs, and skin.   

Remember, it can take many years for arthritis to appear after the early signs of arthritis do. So, the sooner you start living healthier, the better. 

While arthritis can affect the old and young alike, the consequences can not only be painful but severely hinder daily activities. While the exact causes of arthritis are not known, we can identify risk factors. In this audiobook, we'll teach you a few basic hacks to make sure you have a good daily checklist to prevent arthritis, spot early signs, and even find relief from your existing condition.   

Audiobook content:  

  1. "Understanding the Crippling Disease"  
  2. "Learning the Different Types of Arthritis"  
  3. "Spotting Early Signs and Symptoms"
  4. "What Causes of Arthritis?"  
  5. "Learn More About Prevention and Relief"  
  6. "Remedies and Their Effectiveness"  
  7. "The Three Exercise Methods for Relief"  
  8. "Different Treatments for Hand Arthritis"  
  9. "Knee Arthritis Treatments for Pain Relief"  
  10. "Important Information You Must Know About Arthritis Cures"
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