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    Are you tired of feeling unmotivated when it's time for you to rise and shine? Do you feel lost in your life's purpose? Are you looking for ways to change your life because you are finally out of the closet of denial that things could be better?

    While this audiobook doesn't hold all of life's wildly unanswered questions, it does offer a great start to becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be!

    Habits are actions we consciously and subconsciously perform day in and day out. They literally have the power of molding us into who we are as individuals. Unfortunately, many of us fail to realize their power and the potential they could have on our lives if we chose to take the time to hone the good habits and eliminate the bad ones, holding us back from our full potential.

    If you happened to stumble across this audiobook in an effort to discover another way to change your life without spending hundreds of hard earned dollars on too-good-to-be-true programs that actually have the potential to benefit you for years to come, you have luckily come across a perfect resource to get you started in becoming a polished you!

    We all deserve to get the most out of life that we possibly can. Changing your life ultimately starts with changing, eliminating, and honing your habits to help you grow into a fruitful person that will look back and not regret their years of life.

    This audiobook was created around the following crucial parts of everyday life that, quite frankly, we could all probably polish up a bit:

    • Career
    • Health
    • Financial
    • Relationships
    • Creation of new habits
    • The elimination of bad habits
    • Overcoming resistance from within to achieve success
    • And more!
    ©2017 Alfred Corea (P)2018 Alfred Corea

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