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Gun Shy

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"Devastatingly good. Unputdownable. Mind Blowing." - Desperately Seeking HEA’s book blog 

*A girl with a darkness...*

He comes to my room every night. Whispers sweet violence in my ear, one hand wrapped tight around my throat as we do things we shouldn’t.

Maybe it’s wrong when my knees fall open, and his mouth drowns my moans, but I’ll take the wrong. I’ll take whatever he gives me, because without him, I’m nothing. 

Not every girl wants a happy ever after. 

Some of us just want to survive. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Gun Shy is a standalone dark romance from USA Today best-selling author Lili St. Germain. It’s not a story about love. It’s a story about surviving. There’s no cliffhanger, and the ending is wrapped up with a pretty silk bow - but don’t look too closely, because the silk is stained with blood. Whose blood, you ask? You’ll have to listen until the last word to find out....

"I cannot rate this novel high enough. I have read so many novels in my time of blogging, but *Gun Shy is one of the best novels I have ever read.* I cannot express to you how much this novel twisted my very core. You simply need to read this. A HUGE 5 star read." - Bloggers from Down Under 

"It's so bad but so damn good. It took from the light and it gave to the darkness. It spoke of terrible things that happened to good and bad people. And I couldn't stop listening until I had had my fill of every single word spoken. It's torturous to the mind and I feel like a terrible person for enjoying it so damn much." - Desperately Seeking HEA’s book blog 

*In Gun Shy, USA Today best-seller Lili St. Germain weaves her unique brand of darkness and grit into a much-anticipated dark romance that readers are calling her best work yet. Evocative, atmospheric and gripping, this audiobook will stay with you long after you're finished reading.*                             

©2017 Lili St. Germain (P)2018 Jessica Roscoe

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