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    Introducing the guided meditation challenge to help you overcome anxiety and insomnia, crush depression, develop your mindfulness, and finally install that meditation habit!

    We are forever making promises to ourselves.

    But, these promises are often - "I’ll start that diet tomorrow", or "I’ll join the gym next month", or "Wow, meditation looks great, I’ll try that one day".

    And then, some of us do actually do start some new habits (look at gyms in January, for example). However, many of us simply end up quitting or not properly installing these amazing habits as we don’t give it long enough.

    And that’s why I’ve created the Guided Meditation Challenge (2 in 1) to give you daily meditations every single day for over two months and finally make that meditation habit stick!

    Research has shown it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, so by giving you daily meditations for 60 days, a daily meditation will become second nature to you!

    The first half of this book is the 30-Day Guided Meditation Challenge that starts off with a simple five-minute guided meditation and works up to the final deeply relaxing meditation to help you experience true happiness.

    The second half is the Guided Morning Meditation Challenge, which has 30+ morning meditations to help you kick-start your morning every day and set yourself up for an incredible day.

    Make sure to tell any family and friends you think might benefit from this to become a part of the guided meditation challenge!

    Here’s a sliver of what’s inside:

    • More than 60 beginner-friendly daily meditations to increase your happiness and peace
    • One simple trick to reduce anxiety in all situations
    • More than 30 morning meditations to supercharge your day
    • The best 10- to 15-minute meditations for rapidly reducing your stress

    And that is barely even scratching the surface....

    So, if you want to finally develop a meditation habit that actually sticks and experience more inner peace and happiness, then scroll up and click “Buy Now”.

    ©2020 Matthew Jennings (P)2020 Matthew Jennings

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