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    Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind is a collection of guided meditations designed to help you stop overthinking, calm your mind, and briefly slip away from life’s demands to experience a tranquil inner oasis.

    Perfect for anyone who wants to recover a sense of inner quiet and spaciousness, these meditations utilize relaxation, mindfulness, and visualization to help you: 

    • Quiet a noisy mind
    • Cultivate self-kindness and compassion
    • Discover an inner sanctuary of peace and serenity

    Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind includes eight guided meditations, approximately 20-25 minutes each:

    • Visualization for a quiet mind 
    • Being non-reactive 
    • Calm breath, calm mind 
    • Creating inner space 
    • Quiet mind meditation 
    • Progressive muscle relaxation  
    • Breathing space 

    These relaxing meditations are not hypnosis or a step-by-step meditation guide. They offer gentle guidance but still allow space for your own experience and natural process. They are a light touch of guided support to help you enjoy a quiet mind.

    Meditations for the Journey is a series of gentle, peaceful, and restorative guided meditations that invite you to sit down with yourself and listen. They help to create a sacred inner space to calm your mind, open your heart, and hear your soul again.

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