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    We all know what it means these days to be a "grumpy old man", because part of that role is to be outspoken. Well, we've heard just about enough out of the men, thank you very much. Grumpy Old Women gives us the other perspective, the female take, on the million irritations of today's world.

    So what's the difference? Surely what is irritating to the mature members of one sex is equally annoying to the other? Not necessarily, and this is precisely what Grumpy Old Women seeks to address. Body image, visitors, children, animals, shopping, careers, parties, holidays, and yes, grumpy old men themselves, all are very much on the list of what today's mature woman finds a source of concern.

    From the series producer and stand-up comic Judith Holder, the book will also incorporate material from the new series Grumpy Old Women, which features a diverse, colourful, and very grumpy group of celebrities, including Janet Street Porter, Jenny Eclair, Ann Widdecombe, Germaine Greer, Kathryn Flett, and Jilly Cooper. Written with wit, style, and sympathy, the book is sure to be a source of both amusement and comfort to women everywhere, grumpy, old, or otherwise.

    ©2006 BBC Audiobooks Ltd. (P)2006 BBC Audiobooks Ltd.

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